Fixed version of Activate Users Plugin (BuddyPress/MU/WP)

Since I have tested BuddyPress, I required a plugin to activate users – but the only one existing was a bit broken.

So I fixed the errors and got it working again, so enjoy :)

Download: Fixed WP Activate Users


  • kalesco

    Thank you!! Exactly what I needed :)

  • nathen

    u are trully a live saver, i have been strugglng with ths problm for 2months no. thank you again : ))))))))))))))))

  • csherrmms

    THANK YOU so much for sharing your version. I was finally able to activate the users that were unable to log in to our site. You are the best!!

  • jsonUK

    Your most welcome :)

    I hope the author updates his plugin with a fix soon.

  • nielsdequeker

    Hero! :-)

  • Dave