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Create your first Twitter App with Zend Framework

I finally got round to writing my first Twitter App using Zend OAuth. Here are my tips and explanation to getting your Twitter App up and running. Getting Started Register at and create your first App. You can change all the settings at any time, so don’t worry about getting them wrong. Setting Up [...]

PHP Mantis: The Bug Tracking Tool!

For those budding PHP developers out there, you want to run your eyes over this! Mantis is a free Bug Tracking tool like Trac but without the SVN fuctionality. Why is this useful? There are several reasons. It’s a quick and easy way to log issues for any type of project. Even if it’s [...]

PHP Validation Class for Forms

Just to top off my daily posts, I have been perfecting a PHP Validation class over the past few months. At work I tend to do a lot of registration forms for competitions, subscriptions, newsletters, contact forms etc. So I went to the trouble of creating a very quick and easy validation class that I [...]

CL Auth reaches maturity with v0.2

CL Auth is finally in round 2 of BETA testing. BETA v0.2 offers better optimisation, new functions, better documentation and easier customisation. It also quashes some known bugs from the previous BETA. Download or view the Documentation online.